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We offer our customers inspection visits, which are individually customized to suit your personal requirements. Visits can be quickly and easily arranged from anywhere in the world. Inspection flight prices will vary according to the date of travel, but include free accommodation providing that the terms and conditions of the inspection visit are met.

Upon your arrival to Orlando, a representative will meet you at the airport, escort you to your accommodation and will be available to assist you throughout your visit. Your inspection visit will answer all of your questions regarding the purchasing, financing and management of your investment property.  A typical itinerary includes:

  1. Viewing the leading communities and show homes.
  2. Meeting with our mortgage company to discuss financing options.
  3. Meeting with our interior designer to discuss furnishings and finishes.
  4. Discussing our range of rental programs and property maintenance with our management company.

While there is no obligation to purchase an investment property during your visit, we do emphasize that these visits are specifically designed for those who are seriously considering and are in a position to purchase an investment property when they find a suitable one.

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